Lifan receives high marks from US dealers and consumers

Release time:2017-08-23 10:53:51

Lifan motorcycles, scooters and electric vehicles are hitting the streets in the United States and the response has been very positive.

Ontario, CA – August 21st 2017: "We are loving our new American Lifan inventory" said Sam and Anna of Scooters Plus in Memphis Tennessee. With 14 years in the business, and seeing many brands come through their doors, Sam and Anna say they believe that Lifan is one of the best motorcycles they have seen so far.



There is no doubt that the quality of products currently shipping from China is far superior to what was being shipped just 10 years ago. "The amount of investment LIFAN has made to improve the quality of its products is staggering and the effort is certainly paying off" said Mike Turber, Director of Sales and Marketing at American Lifan. Turber further stated, "Anyone who ventured into the "Made In China" powersports arena 10 to 20 years ago is lucky to be around today. So many brands have come and gone and nearly all that failed did so by having a poor-quality product and terrible customer service." When asked what makes Lifan different Turber said "I began importing products from Lifan back in 2004 after visiting several factories in China. It was clear even back then that Lifan was different. Lifan has a true desire to build a quality product and it shows in everything we do, but don't take my word for it, ask our customers" so we did just that.

Dwight Bishop from Texas stated during a call to customer service that he bought the KP Mini after crashing his 2016 Honda Grom. “After the deductible and other things were taken out I did not have enough to buy another Grom so I looked at alternatives. After comparing all that was out there I decided on the Lifan KP Mini. I really wasn’t expecting much but all I can say is WOW this thing is awesome!” When asked about the difference between his Grom and the KP he said “Well other than being a thousand bucks cheaper the KP has more horsepower, more torque and a 5th gear I didn’t even know about and it will smoke the Grom”.


The dealer nearest American Lifan’s California distribution center is 123 PowerSports in Norco. Tom Spiers runs the shop and says he has been selling Chinese brands for nearly 20 years and there is not one brand he has not seen or sold. “I have tried every brand name you can think of and what sets Lifan apart from virtually every other brand out there is that they actually care about the customer” said Spiers. He went on to say, “I used to have at least 12 different brands but over time I have learned a valuable lesson and that is stick with the brand that backs their product with a solid warranty and actually follows through with great customer service, and Lifan does just that.”

Ron Stimac at R-3 Powersports in Central Wisconsin had this to say about the new KP series from Lifan "We are very proud to be one of the newest Lifan dealers. The quality and superior workmanship is top of the line. Pricing of products and parts is the best I have seen in a long time. Performance on all the KP Models is unbelievable." The KP series of bikes from Lifan are direct descendants from the motorcycles used by Lifan's King Power Racing team and borrow heavily on the engineering used and lessons learned on the racetrack. In fact, the KP-series motorcycles have claimed 17 championships in 18 CRRC competitions since 2012! Ron further stated, “Working with American Lifan is a pleasure as they encourage feedback from dealers and customers.”


Sam and Anna at Scooters Plus of Memphis said, "We have sold a handful of the Lifan's over the past couple of months and have had nothing but great reviews, reliability, and performance". If you want to grow your business you certainly need to keep your customers happy and to do this you should have a quality product and great customer service. Anna and Sam state "We love to see our customers with smiling faces and look forward to ordering more Lifan products in the near future."

"The Lifan brand is marketed in over 160 countries and is recognized as a leader in the motorcycle industry worldwide. From the engine to the chassis to the electrical components and controls, each Lifan motorcycle is designed to offer exceptional reliability while utilizing quality components not normally found in Chinese products." Said Mike Turber, Director of Sales and Marketing for American Lifan. "Lifan recognizes that the American consumer is demanding and only mature, well-tested models will be brought to the American market. Lifan will enter, and plans to dominate, this market segment by giving the American consumer the quality and performance they are looking for at a price anyone can afford." Turber further stated.

American Lifan is pleased to announce its participation in the fifth-annual American International Motorcycle Expo presented by Nationwide (AIMExpo), the powersports industry's largest trade and consumer show in North America set to take place in Columbus, Ohio this September 21-24 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Dealers, media, and consumers from around the world are welcome to the four-day event and Lifan will be showcasing many new products along with the 2017-2018 full lineup.



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